the art of death

I have become a bit fascinated with visuals that have been chosen to be the markers of life. Often simple, mostly dignified, sometimes ornate and on occasion . . . confusing. I  am enthralled with the talents of those individuals to whom the tasks of creating the visual memorial have been be given. They seek (or have sought) to create the emotion of a person’s entire life in a three dimensional form.

Like all art, I suppose the meaning and connection is in the personal interpretation of the viewer.  I would like to think that the art is a statement about the person who is to be remembered – and I imagine that in some way, years and years later, they will continue to be remembered in the art that is left behind.

The Zentralfriedhof of Vienna. An enormous place that is the final resting place for  the famous and the common: all significant and all remembered, by someone. Today, every day, and for hundreds of years.

Emotion in stone:

The famous:

Sometimes – the name stands alone:

Sometimes: artistic interpretations as  statements of life

and sometimes, it is a pair of lantern holding dwarfs as guides for the door to eternity:

1 Response to “the art of death”

  1. 1 Linda
    July 26, 2011 at 9:46 am

    Another stunning collection of beautiful photographs. I too have always been fascinated with the ways that people are memorialized. I would like some of these to be printed on outdoor canvas for your garden. Do it.

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